If you are thinking about selling your house, I would strongly recommend that you engage Joe Dettor to be your listing agent. Joe assisted my wife and I in selling our house in Greenbriar and it was a great experience. Joe definitely has his client’s best interest at heart. From the moment we first met him, Joe listened to our wants and concerns and focused his selling plan to meeting our goals. Joe is courteous, respectful and stayed connected with us during the entire process. He is very proactive in following up with potential leads and explaining how each step of selling process affects his clients. He stresses strong customer service and delivered on that promise time and again. Joe even came over to the house during Super storm Sandy to go over the offer we received on our home so we would not lose any response time. This is just an example of the type of service you can expect from Joe. Thanks to Joe’s efforts, we were able to sell our house in nineteen days for the price we wanted.